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I'm writing this from Tokyo right now. On Wednesday, I went to Odaiba, it was a fangirl fulfilling day :D I'll probably write about my trip in much more detail when I get back home. But for now, consider this a teaser, haha.

It started off with seeing this =D It's quite huge. There's a path under it that you can walk through and view it from the crotch angle lol.

Inside the building is the Gundam Front, which is a sort of Gundam museum.

There was a room full of Gunpla:

This is only like 1/4 of it. All dem RGs, so excited for Exia!!

There's a "character photo spot", where you can take photos with your favourite character(s). Guess which characters I picked to have photos with? XD :D

There's a whole section on the HD remasters of SEED and Destiny. Strike Freedom. And I found an MG Perfect Strike *grabby hands* but unfortunately the sign says it's not for sale *sobs*

Outside is a Gundam Cafe. The cafe part is smaller than the one in Akiba, but the shop part is actually bigger.

My Gundam loot. Some are from the Gundam Front gift shop, Gundam cafe, the books are from Akiba, which I went to on Thursday. The Haro puzzle I found in a toy shop. The cup has Gundam 00's Meisters on it (this image, which I found too hilarious not to get). I promised myself I wouldn't buy any Gunpla due to lack of suitcase space and I can order them online, but I got the Strike Freedom GFT version 'cause it's exclusive to the Gundam Front. It has a mode that looks like this when finished. I found the Archangel from the Cosmo Fleet set, it was pretty expensive, but it's rare and it's Archangel so I don't care lol. That round disk container is a set of coasters. It has a couple of Gundam Cafe-version Kira and Athrun which also amuses me quite a bit. I got the Gundam SEED RE: manga even though I can't read it, because it'll never get translated to English *sobs*. Also grabbed vol 4 and 5 of the novels because they'll also never get translated *sobs harder*. Books and manga are so cheap comparatively! Manga in Canada costs like $15 per volume, those Gundam SEED manga are like 200-300 yen each, which like like $4. 

I've been trying to find the MegaHouse 1/8 Kira Yamato figure, but no luck. I found the Lacus today in Nakano though, and for a pretty good price. Still can't find the Robot Damashii Strike anywhere T__T

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Elandria Feb 12, 2014  Professional General Artist
Quick question, are you still active on your stock account at all?
MapleRose Feb 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Haha not really ^^;
Elandria Feb 13, 2014  Professional General Artist
Okie dokie :)
XxKyosukexX Jan 19, 2014  Student Digital Artist
 00 or Seed destiny? :3
MapleRose Jan 19, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
00, though second season became a bit messy, just like Destiny lol. My fave is still SEED though, hands down
XxKyosukexX Jan 20, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Good point on the second season, and not going to lie for this one. Seed was pretty good.

Hi there!  Just so you know, I have used (and credited) your Ace Attorny font in one of my pictures :-)



Thanks a lot!  It is really useful.

Hey just letting you know, I saw somone re-upload one of your things.
MapleRose Dec 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for letting me know, I've reported it
I'd kill for some new pokemon mega wallpapers right meow! ( currently having all of your 7XX wallpapers randomly changing on my dual screen setup :P)

Keep on your amazing work!
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