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So I finally got around to playing Shin Gundam Musou (aka Gundam Reborn) like last week, and I've been playing it pretty much non-stop every chance I have :D

Feel free to skip the following section of me fangirling over it lol

It's not a very deep or complex game, and it involves a lot of button mashing, but it's still tonnes of fun. The only Musou games I've played before are the Kaizoku Musou games (aka One Piece Pirate Warriors).

There's an Official Mode which quickly runs through the stories of MSG, Zeta, Char's Counter Attack, Unicorn, SEED, and Destiny (no 00 though, I'm a bit disappointed by that). As expected, it's very compressed, and not really for learning the story if you haven't seen the show yet, I think it's more as fanservice for if you're already familiar with the stories, because the cut scenes are pretty and in rendered models (and I really love the art style of the character art).

And then there's Ultimate Mode, which are a bunch of short, usually self-contained, stories. Each story consists of a bunch of missions. I like Ultimate Mode because all the stories usually have crossovers from different universes, which end up with fun scenarios. For example, there was one story where Haman teamed up with Rau on one side, and Azrael teamed up with the Titans on the other side, and I was just thinking "oh dear"; the thought of Haman working together with Rau makes me laugh, though probably not as much as if Ribbons and Rau tried to work together (let's see who backstabs who lol). And another story where Ribbons was trying to manipulate Scirocco and Treize.

During missions, characters can show up either as enemy or ally. Often the units that show up are predetermined based on the mission/story, but other times they're random. I quite enjoy destroying characters that I don't like or want to punch in the face, like Shinn, or Angelo, or Reccoa. I also enjoyed defeating Rey while playing Rau. One of my favourite thing that happened though, was when I was playing as Kira, and Rau appeared as an enemy, Mwu appeared as an ally, and my mission was to assist Mwu in defeating Rau. When I finished that, Mwu withdrew from the battle. And then seconds later I got the message "Mwu has appeared as Neo!". And then Kira said "Mwu-san, what's with that outfit", and Neo replied "Ore wa Neo Roannoke Ta-i-sa" (which was translated to "I'm Neo Roanoke now, boy!")

You choose a pilot, but you can also choose a partner, who will help you during Burst Mode. If your pilot and partner are from different universes, or don't have a close canon relationship, they'll just say something generic during support and while you play. But if the characters know each other, they'll say something specific. I think one of the fave part of the game is discovering what characters say to each other (the dialogue for this isn't translated, but I think I generally have an idea what they said). For example, when playing Setsuna as pilot and another Gundam Meister as your partner, Setsuna will say "We are...", and the partner will finish with "...Gundam Meisters!". It made me squee. When Dearka's partner is Athrun, Dearka says "Well, what should we do, Commander Zala?" XD (unfortunately I think Athrun just answered with something generic). When being Mwu's partner, Murrue says "Mwu, I'm here" (squeeee). One of my favourite custom supports though, is between Mwu and Gym Ghingham (from Turn A). I don’t know a whole lot about this Gym guy because I’m not far enough into Turn A yet, but I did notice as soon as he spoke that he has the same voice actor as Mwu, and I think their convo is a reference to that, because Gym yells something (which I can’t quite make out), and Mwu replies with “aaah shut up!” lmao. Sometimes I even find the generic statements amusing too. For example, Athrun says "I see truth in your words, so I will follow you." (not during the partner support, but just during play sometimes), and I was playing as Rau; I was like "nuuuuu Athrun don't be fooled by his words!!!"

When I first saw the roster, I was a bit disappointed that this game only has 00 second season stuff and I wish it has season 1 as well (I'd have to pretend Lyle is Neil >__< ), because I like the Exia a lot more than 00-Raiser. However, after using 00-Raiser, I really love it in this game. It's so OP! It's probably my favourite unit to use (that I've unlocked so far). I also love the Strike in this game! It's actually quite powerful. I love the Sword Strike (even though generally I prefer Launcher and then Aile in terms of design). I think it's partly to do with the style of this game; I prefer to go up with a crowd of enemies and just slice and dice at them lol. I love that the Strike's Burst Mode is the Perfect Strike <3 and it's quite efficient at cutting down large crowds.
[end rant]

So anyway, tl;dr
, Gundam Reborn is pretty awesome, I'm having a lot of fun with it. I would recommend it for mindless action and/or some Gundam-franchise fanservice :D I haven’t actually seen all the Gundam series featured, but playing this game is making me want to watch the ones I haven’t seen.


Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright is coming out tomorrow!!!!! Whooooooooo!!!!!!! I'll have to put down the PS3 controller and not let go of my 3DS until I'm done.

I tried out the Benz DLC for MarioKart 8 last night. It wasn't as jarring as I originally thought would be, because when I'm driving, I look at the road instead of my kart. I'm excited about the DLC courses and characters :D Already pre-purchased them, and the game taunts you by putting placeholders where the characters and courses would be lol. I like how the tagline for Zelda is "Link can drive?!". Now that I know Nintendo is willing and able to do DLC courses, I want a Rainbow cup, of all past Rainbow roads!


Pokken Tournament looks exciting, though for now it's Arcade only in Japan, I hope it comes to console eventually. I've wanted a Pokemon fighting game (other than Brawl), so I'm looking forward to it if it comes to console in the west.

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it's not like a war is happening because of human races or genes >~< and the animations don't repeat~

it's a matter of technology superiority x3

oh my!! you had a crush on Neil?? :o is he the older or younger one again? xD
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haha yeah I had a crush on Neil, he's the older brother, the Lockon in season 1 . And yeah, I had a crush on older Setsuna too, he grew up so nicely *__*

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